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Badge of the RMP


'The March Past'

led by Lt Col (retd) John Baber MBE, Chairman Royal Military Police Association.

Salute taken by Brig. R W Warren MBE, Provost Marshal (Army);
assisted by Mr Alex Menmuir, Chairman RMPA Scotland (Central) Branch; Brig. (retd) R Bell MBE &
Col. J T Green OBE, Regimental Secretary RMP.

Badge of the RMPA







Photo (right):  Immediately after the RMPA Delegates had attended the 1030 am, Sunday morning multi-faith service, 'Cathedral Eucharist' at St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, the Standards of twelve (12) RMPA Branches, from throughout the UK, are being inspected by the Provost Marshal (Army), Brig. R W Warren MBE; followed by Brig. (retd) R Bell MBE; the Regimental Secretary RMP (in bowler hat), Col. J T Green OBE; with the RMPA National Parade Marshal, Mr John Gormley, in attendance.








Photo left: The Pipes & Drums lead the march past of the RMPA Branch Standards and the marching contingent of Royal Military Police Veterans.





Photo (right): The Pipes & Drums approaching the saluting dias.
NB: The Regt Secretary RMP is the only correctly dressed officer on parade, displaying his medals, wearing his bowler hat & carrying his umbrella!





Photo (left):  Parade leader Lt Col (retd) John Baber MBE orders the eyes left and salutes.  Lt Col (retd) Tex Pemberton stands to the rear of the saluting dias.





Photo (right): The RMPA Branch Standards passing the saluting dias.






Photo (left): The main body of the marching RMP Veterans passing the saluting dias.






Photo (right): The main body of the marching contingent continue to pass the saluting dias, with Mr Paul (Taff) Jones, RMPA NI Branch, at the right edge of the photograph.






Photo (left): The march past, in the eyes left position, continues to pass the saluting dias.







Photo (right): The tail-end of the marching body of Veterans passes the saluting dias, with Major (retd) Allan Barley, RMPA National Executive Coordinator, saluting as he brings up the rear.






Photo (left):  The parade listening to the final words of Brig R W Warren (on the pavement to the left), as the march past concludes.





Photo (right):  The Veterans await the word of command to 'fall out'. 
Major (retd) Allan Barley, RMPA National Events Coordinator, in the right foreground of the photograph.

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